Thursday, May 18, 2017


It is official, I received a text from my licensing worker that we were in the system last night. This morning I received a call asking if we would take placement of a 2 month old. He has been in a temporary home for a week. They had no one is this area who could take a 2 month old!? I was told that within 2 days of getting licensed everyone in this area will have a placement, it is that critical.

Since this baby is in another county they wanted to do the move tomorrow. So I went and bought a car seat, diapers and a few bottles. A foster parent gave me some baby clothing and wipes that had been donated. Tomorrow I will see if the social worker does get back with me. I understand that this is foster care and things change quickly.

Just in case, we are ready...

Three car seats will fit in a row of seats in my car! One is reserved for Vaida. I love my van.

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