Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We had a good Thanksgiving. We had no extended friends come this year so our gathering was small.

I dressed Noah in the morning and he went to spend the day with his dad. Kassi had to work so she didn't get to come and eat with us.

We had our usual Thanksgiving meal with lots of left overs so the adult kids could take some left overs home. My mom requested homemade cranberry relish and giblet gravy which I made for her.

Cooking was a challenge this year as the house alarm kept going off. After several calls from the alarm company we realized that it was the emergency key fob that was going off. This meant that Benjamin had taken it from my bedside table. He loves all things key and key chain this includes fobs. It kept going off which meant that it was being pressed somewhere. They turned off the alarm on their end for an hour so we could look for it. That meant that it kept going off on our end, just wasn't being reported. After 30 minutes of searching and constantly turning off the alarm we called the alarm company to see how to turn off the system. Such sweet silence! We never found the fob that day, it was found the next day, in the washing machine!

The crew showed up and we filed the table.

After the adult kids went home we decided to work on the tree, poor thing. I will never buy another prelit tree that has lights that go out if one bulb dies.

We added lights and put on the ornaments.
Kassi came from work for leftovers and helped with the tree.

Anyone else have their tree up? I used to wait until much closer to Christmas to put up our tree.

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