Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Last Week

 My last week has been so stressed, blessed and fast. Where is the time going?

I finally finished a painting I have been working on.

Wednesdays Vaida comes to spend the night and Thursday with us. This gives Tasha a break and time to study. We enjoy spoiling her. The last few weeks we have had Noah at the house as well. So I have been doing big time toddler/baby duty.

Benjamin and Vaida play together well. There was a time when Vaida was a little scared of our rambunctious boy. No more, she now joins him in getting into trouble.

All this trouble making makes for tired kids!

This week we kept Vaida until Friday because Tasha had a final to study for and she was coming on Friday to babysit anyways.

 We had tickets to see a Crowder concert at Sarah's school on Friday.

The concert was great. However, I know we are old because we were wore out, the concert started late because they blew out the buildings electrical and they had to go buy a generator. The concert got out at almost midnight, we aren't usually out that late. We then brought Sarah home for the weekend.

I felt just a tad shorter than usual.  David Crowder's parting words to me.....Bye Felicia. Sigh, who made that a thing?

Saturday started early for me. I went to buy a crib from someone and then had a birthday party scheduled at 10 am. I left the rest of the afternoon free so I could take the kids out. John was doing disaster relief stuff so I got a babysitter for Benjamin and Noah and took the kids to Moe's and the movies. Sarah came along but didn't want to get in the picture.

I ran up to the shop while Sarah watched the kids and then got called home because of behaviors. It makes it so frustrating when I want to do things with the kids but then they act out.

I got the home front situated and John got home. Sarah offered to watch the kids while we went to dinner. 

It was red head day so we took Benjamin with us. He was upset that he couldn't do the movie but he isn't old enough or interested enough to go yet.

Sunday we went to church and had friends over to make some country fried steak, at Sarah's request.

Sarah offered to watch the kids again so we could go to a movie. We had a date night!

To add to our week my mom has definitely needed a lot of my time and my business is picking up. We have kids signing up for birthday parties and our Christmas Art Camp. 

My washing machine has gone out again and we have decided to go ahead and add another unit downstairs. An electrician is coming tomorrow, plumbers on Thursday and the machines are scheduled to be delivered on Friday. Sounds great and it is. However, someone has to clear out the space that they will be in! My kitchen has exploded and hopefully will be put back together soon. Between Thursday and Friday I will need to drywall and paint the room.

I also need to prepare for paintings this weekend. 
Still trying to reach a doctor for my mom, I have a message left for her and she normally replies.
We are filling out our fostering paperwork and got 1 1/2 hours of training last week. Need a lot more so I need to make time for online training and schedule some classes which is hard because they are on Saturdays. 
I moved some kids around and found surprises but that is another post. 
Talked with the kids youth minister to get some help with lying. Did a lot of research on lying. 
Talked with a therapist. 
Talked with a teacher.
Supported a foster parent in crises.
Supported a former foster placement family.
and finally I got out to vote.

How was your week?


  1. My week: A car accident, OT, trauma therapy, a Weekend to Remember conference with my husband, eye appointment, finding out one daughter is legally blind, three chiropractor appointments and a massage, neck and shoulder x-rays, coaching vaulting, two sleepless nights with a two-year-old with double ear infections and bronchitis, and me with an asthma attack and a kidney infection. We've had worse weeks, but this one is definitely not one of my favorites.

  2. Wow. you two are a couple of slackers. LOL. How are you still sane. Wait... are you still sane?

  3. You guys do beat me. Thankfully. 😅 I've been babysitting an extra three kids and of course it was conference week and Veterans Day so barely any school most of the 11 days 😱. . missy has been back in her disrespectful mode big time and I'm trying to get a handle on that. Which means her world shrinks until she can get it together. My girls left for Peru. I had a walk in clinic trip with a kid with a split chin so it was a Taco Bell order night... Of course, our caregiver agency is short handed so we are only getting half our allotted hours of help. Apparently we signed up for this life 😘