Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sleep Study

Larissa and John went to the hospital for a two night sleep study. Larissa had my iPad so I got a selfie...

A few minutes after 10 pm John texted me that lights were out and Larissa fell asleep right away. Just a few minutes later he sent me a text telling me that she was having a seizure. He said that the room was too dark to see anything but he recognized the sound of her seizing.

The next morning the neurologist came to check on her. We aren't sure how much of the tapes he looked at but he said that he saw 3 big seizures so she wouldn't have to stay another night. He also gave John a prescription for a new medication, zonisamide. He said that her seizures used to come from her frontal lobe and they are now all over her brain. What does that mean? I don't know. Does that mean it is getting worse? Do seizures normally change like that?  She has a follow up appointment in 6 weeks so I won't get answers until then..

I have looked up the medications and really don't like all the side effects. It also looks like a medication that used to be for adults only. I contacted her regular doctor and she said to give it to her but to watch for anxiety and depression. That saddens me. She has overcome selective mutism with the help of anxiety medication and then successfully weaned off of the anxiety medication. Now she is going on a medication that can cause anxiety.

Epilepsy sucks.

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