Sunday, November 6, 2016


I procrastinate a lot. It is well known that I do so. I seem to be able to work better under pressure. Or perhaps it is the pressure that pushes me to actually complete something.

Every year I ask the kids what they want to be for Halloween. Benjamin wanted to be a monkey. Emma was easy, Elsa. Michelle wanted to be Pikachu and was happy with a coat. Anthony was Scream. Larissa wanted me to make her a bird costume. They wear their costumes to dance the week before Halloween so Larissa needed it by 5 pm on Tuesday. So Monday I buy the material and at 7 pm start on the costume. When Larissa saw the amount of work it was going to entail she offered to wear the 50's outfit to dance the next day. I said no way, I would finish. She was made fun of last year when she wore that 50's poodle skirt. That wasn't going to happen.

I cut and cut then I sewed and sewed. I even slept a bit in there.

I finished it in time for dance.

Michelle has finally seen what mom can do and wants to be a peacock next year. Oh no, means two costumes to make. I bet you I will procrastinate anyways.

Any other procrastinators out there?