Monday, November 28, 2016

Doctor Visit

Taking my mom to the doctors requires an ambulance. Sitting for her in a wheelchair is painful.Trying to get her into a car is now impossible. She does not put her feet down at all to help with pivoting. It was a struggle even when she could pivot, her head was always in the way.

The ambulance showed up a little early Wednesday so they gave the kids a tour and showed them their equipment and everything. They were very nice and sat and waited while my mom saw the doctor.

At the doctors office we went through the list of complaints from the social worker.

The social worker wanted my moms weight. Uh, not happening. Not possible to get at the doctors office in a gurney.

The social worker complained that I don't take her to the doctors office often enough. Her doctor noted when she had been in and stated that she didn't need to come in more often, there wasn't a need.

The social worker complained that she must have skin breakage. Her doctor checked her and noted no skin breakage of signs of abuse.

The social worker questioned my turning down hospice care. Her doctor listened to why I turned it down and agreed that losing her long term caregiver was more detrimental than her need to be on hospice care. She did not recommend hospice care at this time but said it might be necessary in the future.

The social worker wanted home health to come in on a temporary basis (I think it was to check skin care). Her doctor said that she could put in for it but wasn't sure that she would get it. My mom has no current medical condition that needs monitored. Her blood pressure was good, she was coherent, her skin looked good, she has no medical devices. The main reason she put in for it was because my mom needs a PPD within 30 days of going into respite. She also stated that if home health wouldn't come in to not bring my mom in, she would stop by and do it herself.

We did give my mom a flu shot. Last week I had asked for something for the crying and she was prescribed something. It is working great so she continued that prescription. It is such a relief to have my mom not crying all the time.Her doctor also told me that if I felt that she needed to be seen to talk to her in person and she would stop by. She doesn't want her brought in unnecessarily.

The doctor also wants to talk with this social worker. She thinks that the social worker is unrealistic and wants to set her straight.

It was a good visit.

Obviously I have fallen behind in blogging, just a tad busy these days. However, I will be catching up today with several posts throughout the day.


  1. All I can say is "OF COURSE!" You are an excellent caregiver, and shame on that social worker. And three cheers for our doctor! I hope she gives that social worker a piece of her mind.