Monday, November 14, 2016

Budget Blown

 Last week I totally blew my budget. Three birthdays this month to be followed by Holidays and a cruise and I spent a small fortune (at least it felt that way to me).

Our washing machine is acting up again. I got frustrated and went out and bought a new set since the dryer has been worked on several times. It was scheduled to get delivered on Friday. By Tuesday I had decided on a different route. I will get the washing machine once again worked on and put the new set downstairs. It will be for my use while the kids can use the upstairs one.

Challenges were to put back in the plumbing and electrical. When we moved it upstairs they took out all the old stuff. I didn't want it taken out but by time I realized what they had done it was a little late.

So Tuesday we had our plumber come in. After living here awhile we finally have specific people that we trust. They replumbed it for us.

Then they saw my fireplace. Years ago when I had the gas insert removed (it always smelled like gas) and a gas stove put in they left the line capped like this, inside of the fireplace. I have never used it because I had a gut feeling that it hadn't been capped off outside. Would you light a fire with a gas line capped off inside of it. Well, they checked it out and indeed it had not been capped off outside. Adding a little budget to the fireplace and it is now in usable condition.

Wednesday our electrician came and repaired the light and looked at the outlet. He informed us that when the other company put in the new line they did not use the right wire. He was shocked that our house hadn't burned down. If a fire had started there at night it would have blocked us from the kids! He refused to hook the unit upstairs up. Ugh, kind of defeated the purpose of getting a new unit. So Thursday he was back to rewire for the dryer upstairs. I guess it is a good thing that they removed the old stuff, we wouldn't have realized that they had done an awful job.

I was left with Thursday evening to drywall and paint the back wall (finished Friday morning)

We love having our own washer and dryer. It is right outside of our bedroom. I finished painting over the weekend (A while back I had bought some marked down mismixed paints at Lowes for $2.50 and $3). Well, I it isn't totally finished, we will be adding as we have time.

Larissa is helping

So, budget blown. But, we are safer and happier.

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