Monday, February 1, 2016

What an Adventure This Will Be, Day 1

Larissa's dance studio is in a small strip center in our small town. I mentioned to her dance teacher that the store next to her was empty. This strip center is always full. When a business moves out it is filled quickly. Her father owns the strip center so I asked her who was going to move in.  She said that she didn't know but that she knew someone had inquired about it. I mentioned to her that I had thought about opening an art store one day to sell my work and do painting classes. She said I should rent the store and do that. I told her that there was no way I could do it with Benjamin. She said take him, that is the norm around here. So I said to ask her dad if it was rented, I might be interested.

I got a message at midnight that the space was mine, give her dad the first months rent. Panic set in at that point. What did I just get myself into? The next morning I told my husband that I decided to start a business and had a place to rent.

I mentioned this to my facebook friends. I have a birthday party scheduled for this coming Saturday. I told her that my store wouldn't be completed but she insisted so the painting area will be finished.

Tasha got excited and is going to work with me. My husband is supportive and says that I could just use the space as an art studio if I want. The kids are excited. I think that everyone is in shock.  No planning.  No supply of painted furniture or canvases. No business plan. Just jumping forward.

The store will have refinished furniture, painted canvases, offer art classes, painting parties and birthday painting parties.  We plan on having open paint Saturdays and eventually other type of art classes to include upcycling projects.

I didn't realize what I was getting into! So much to do and so little time. The last occupants tore the walls up. They were supposed to fix the walls but didn't. So day 1 in the store was spent patching the walls.

They tore out a sink and left a hole. I think I will put a sink back in there.

I suddenly realized that I haven't been doing much painting lately and have nothing to put up on the walls. So I am painting again. It is slow going since I have to paint after the kids are in bed. Painting with Benjamin running around is not an option!

My colorful giraffe.


  1. You're AMAZING!!!!! I want to come paint with you!

  2. So cool. Do you have to have a princess license for that?

    1. Haven't seen anywhere that I need a princess license. From everything I have read we don't need a business license as we live in an unincorporated area and are a sole proprietorship. I plan on making some calls today about that.

    2. How in the world did I type PRINCESS????

  3. That is the best picture of a giraffe I have ever seen. You have so much talent. Good luck with your new venture

  4. I've been following your blog for quite some time never commenting, but after reading about how God has worked in your life with this store, I just had to say congratulations! Praying for much success. With this new venture I know you will be pretty busy but don't leave us hanging.

  5. What a fun idea!! And that giraffe is absolutely gorgeous!!!