Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Painting Away

I purchased a gray piece. After I started the base painting I still wasn't sure what direction I was going until yesterday.  Suddenly it spoke to me and requested a saying on the drawers. I quickly finished it after that. Whoever had the piece before smothered it in gray. I don't think that they saw the female features of the piece.

George approves.

I spent a little time at the shop today while the kids were in dance.  Benjamin helped.

I have tow issues, the lack of covering of the electrical wires coming out of the circuit breaker and the hot water heater. The owner is supposed to take care of the circuit breaker. I need to get with him to do it soon so I can get inspections soon.

 We are busy creating and painting. Not sure where we will stand on the 1st yet.


  1. That came out amazing! Hope it's going in your store things like that here would fly out.

  2. You are so talented!!! That is such a beautiful piece of furniture!