Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 4

Fun day, we splatted the painting area. Larissa loved helping. 
Any painting mishaps will just add to the art.

All those paint cans came from my house. Quite a savings there for me.

Our town does not require a business license.  On their web site it mentions the towns that do require business permits and nothing else. The previous occupants of our spot (who we call the gun guys) told me that we had to get a use permit. No one else in the strip has one. He also talked about the fire marshal inspection needed. He told my husband that we couldn't even paint without his inspection. I figured that we did need a fire inspection but wanted to wait until we did something with the hot water heater which is dead. The gun guys are mad at us because they wanted their friend the bow and arrow guy to get the spot. Apparently he delayed and we paid first. So the gun guys do not like at artsy people down at our end (us and the dance studio who told me about leasing the spot).

So Larissa and I trekked to the big city next door to the zoning commission. I was told that we need an official copy of my IEN. I just have the number since it went to long term community health, however I have called requesting a copy. I also need a retail license.  I applied for and paid for it but haven't received it in the mail yet. Last I need a fire marshal inspection.

I decided to call the fire marshal to see if I should make repairs before he came or wait. Remember the gun guys said we weren't allowed to do anything until he came, not even paint. The fire marshal told me that we could make repairs and call him when we are ready for inspection. Then he asked me the location. I gave it to him and he offered to do a preliminary inspection. I said OK so we met up at 4.  He walks in and directly to the back and is obviously not happy. The hot water heater and circuit panel need some repairs. The clincher, he had told the gun guys this. They had opened up without having any inspections and when he came to inspect he allowed them to stay open on the understanding that they would repair those items. Obviously he should have went back and checked. He said that he delayed the opening of their new location until they had completed everything and was glad that he did. I know he did because they complained about the delays of opening. Ah, understanding.

I talked to my landlord about this issue. He is coming in to repair the circuit panel and said that if I replace the hot water heater he will take it out of my rent.  Well, right now I am paying cash for this unplanned adventure and don't have the funds. So he is going to take it out and I will replace it when I can. It is not critical. I will take home aprons for washing anyways, I can also take the brushes for now.

I had a moment of concern about homeschooling because the only thing we made time for was reading. Then I realized that she is getting other lessons. We have visited the zoning commission and talked about what the IEN and retail licenses are for. So many taxes Larissa says. She says that starting a business is hard but some of it is exciting.

We need to design and build a counter area. We are going in incorporate a desk for Larissa and toys for Benjamin. I also still need to get a bank account and look at the debit card thing. So much to do!

(I am not going to do the daily thing for too much longer. Just giving everyone an idea of the progress of the shop)


  1. Love reading the updates-keep them up!

  2. I think this will be a great learning experience for larissa, she'll probably be great with customers and learn all about customer service. You could also pay her and use math to figure out how much taxes she has to pay.
    I was wondering how Emma is doing in school

  3. You can get a debit card swipe thing for your phone the people at the farmers markets here have it