Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 7

On Saturday we had a party for a friend of mine, 13 kids showed up. I started out by giving a small lesson in mixing paint and using the brushes. The kids were very attentive and excited.

Some of the kids painted Star Wars theme pictures and others painted owls. A few little ones painted abstract art. Larissa and Sarah helped out with handing out paint and supplies as needed. I plan on taking different kids to the parties to help out.

We have a handprint wall where the kids can put their handprint on once they have painted at the shop. They loved it.

There was lots of clean up which made me realize I am going to need a hot water heater soon. I had to take the brushes home to clean them properly. (No I didn't leave them soaking in the water, that ruins them)

The party went great. We have discussed some flow issues and are working on making it better. One of my challenges is how to occupy the kids that have shown up while waiting on the later kids. We are still trying to figure that out. We don't want kids running around all over the place when we have art in the front of the store.

Apparently news of our little studio is getting around town. I had numerous women come up to me at church wanting to know when we were opening and asking lots of quesitons. Opening date is March 1st. I have a lot to do and some of it is waiting on the next payday! Tomorrow I am getting a phone and internet. Getting a phone number will allow me to design my business card. This week I plan on opening a bank account and researching debit/credit card systems. I also need to work on the front of the store and do some painting.

I can't believe that I am doing this! A small part of me worries that it will fail.  Another part of me says that the worse failure is not trying. And yet another part is just plain terrified.


  1. Girl!!! It's not going to fail! It's going to be huge success. I just wish I lived where I could come!

  2. Mebbe paint a front wall area with chalkboard paint and have a container of chalk waiting. It should keep new arrivals occupies for a bit. Also, what about using an electric kettle until you can get a new water heater?

  3. You could have a sandbox with colored sand and tools. Or playdough at the tables. Something sensory to keep them engaged. Or even have a movie playing in one corner.

    I understand a little about risking failure rather than not trying. I am trying a few new challenges this year. Nothing like what you are doing, but things that take me out of my comfort zone.