Monday, February 15, 2016


Today I only spent part of the morning at the store with Larissa and Benjamin. We got internet and phone hooked up. I wanted to go back up to paint this evening but chose to stay home and paint. I painted a project for a painting class. Tasha and I are both painting.

School is coming along in all fronts. Emma is doing well except for math. She needs evaluated in that area. She is happy in the 2nd grade and I know that she is in a good placement.

I was supposed to have a meeting this week at school about Michelle. Very poor grades, think 20's, led me to believe that perhaps she needed to be held back as well.  I think that she realized that I was serious and last week she brought home the best grades she has ever brought home.  She was so proud of herself and was loving the praise. I hope that it doesn't backfire because historically when she gets praise she tends to backslide. I cancelled the meeting. It felt good to cancel a meeting because your kid is doing well.

My mom continues to slowly decline. I can see it. Her eating fluctuations, her lack of interest in many things, Benjamin continues to climb into her bed a lay with her. I also see the return of eating and brief periods of interest in life around her.

Kassi received a sad phone call, her grandfather passed away. She was telling me about all these family members who came to his house to look for stuff that I had to wonder where they all were when she came into care. She is not in his will so I advised her to stay out of the property battle. Just make sure that she has all of her stuff. When money comes into the picture, people lose their common sense.

We have a lot going on in all areas of life.

Ha, well I started this a few days ago and forgot about it. I will just post it although I imagine I had more to say!

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  1. Your paintings (giraffe and bird that I've seen so far) are beautiful!!! I'm sure I've seen others in your older posts, but this one above of the bird is absolutely gorgeous! I really hope your store realizes its potential!