Friday, February 27, 2015

End Table Makeover

$5 garage sale find....

Add some accessories found around the house....

and do some Amazon shopping.

The light switch clicks and the doorbell works (batter operated).

The light works, battery operated.  Pounding bench in the back.

Little Man will love figuring this one out.  We don't actually have any of those around the house so I had to buy a new one.

Vice, he will enjoy screwing that big screw.  They are big and safe.

The screws are colored coordinated.

What he will find when he opens that door.  I imagine that he will eventually tear up the picture but I can easily print another one on my color printer.  Changing it up every now and then will be fun.

Containers, he loves containers.

Little Man will be one tomorrow!

(There are no button batteries or magnets in this project.  I had a little flashlight I was going to put in but I realized he would eventually get it open and he puts everything in his mouth)


  1. I love it! I'm sure he will, too :-)

  2. Wow I love it how do you it your so great with projects

  3. Love it! So will he. If he doesn't, send it to me!

  4. You're stinking amazing!!! He's going to love it. Happy Birthday, Little Man!!!

  5. Love it!! Happy Birthday, Little Man!!!!

  6. That is better than anything they have in the stores!! Plus it's handmade by his mama!