Sunday, February 15, 2015

Taking Time for Each Other

My husband and I consider it very important to take take for ourselves.  When Sarah was here we would get out twice a month.  Just the two of us.  Such a luxury.  Now that she has left we are committed to going out on a date at least once a month.

We went out last night for Valentine's Day.  Simple, nice dinner and a movie.

Yes, we talked about the kids.  We spend a lot of our time at home parenting and don't have much free time to freely discuss issues.  Sometimes we need to get on the same agenda.  We might discuss how to deal with a specific issue with a specific child.  We might discuss where we think all the kids are emotionally, academically, behaviorally and discuss strategy.

However, we don't just talk about kids.  We enjoy having adult conversations without child input and interruptions.

We are maintaining our relationship because it is important.  Our family is woven together and held together by our relationship.  So we take time for each other.

We even take selfies.

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