Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Year Ago

A year ago, Sarah and I headed to town to take infant CPR classes.

We brought an infant car seat with us. We were bringing home a temporary placement from the NICU.

We were told it would be a few weeks.  I imagine that we were called for several reasons. First, I stay home so finding care for the infant during the day wouldn't be a problem. I also transport for all medical appointments and he was a heart baby.  He had to be taken to town to see the cardiologist regularly. Finally, I had asked for a temporary placement of a baby.  We had many temporary placements that year so might as well request some baby cuddling time.  We love babies.

Winter turned into summer and Little Man was still with us.  Temporary got a little longer.

By time Christmas rolled around his biological mom hadn't seen him in over 5 months.  No contact at all.  She has all of my contact information.  Not once has she requested a picture or asked me how he was doing.  Remember, he is a heart baby.

He has grown so fast and is so inquisitive.

He turned one year old last weekend.  I wonder if his mother thought about him.  I was half expecting a text from her but didn't receive one. We invited his aunt to come and celebrate his birthday and she did.

He loves to "read".

He plays with his work bench often.

He points to his family.  We are all he knows.

It has been an exciting year.  I hope that within the next year he will have permanency.

We love him very much.


  1. Happy birthday, little man. Praying you get that permanency in time for your second birthday. (Praying that I have the chance to give a young lady permanency this year, too.)

  2. I hope he has permanency with YOU.