Friday, February 13, 2015

Neurologist Again

Back to the neurologist.

Conversation with our neurologist...

Neurologist: I think that we need to have Larissa seen by developmental peds.
Me: Why?
Neurologist: Well, every time she comes in her behavior is different.
Me: ????
Neurologist: Have you ever heard of selective mutism?
Me: Uh, yes.
Neurologist: She has never talked to me.
Me: if you asked her questions that required an answer besides shaking of the head she would respond. Oh, and her records indicate that she was diagnosed with SM when she was 2 years old. What does this have to do with her seizures and tiredness?
Me: and if you recall she has been diagnosed bi-polar.  Her seizure medications have helped greatly with her major mood swings.

We left with no new plan of action.  We have an appointment to go back in 6 months.

Same problem, she is tired.  She has seizures and some type of sleeping episodes that disrupt her sleep.  I don't feel like we are getting any answers.  I am looking for a new neurologist.

After her appointment we picked Sarah up and went to lunch.  Sarah is feeling the stress of exam time so we did a little retail therapy.  We dropped her off at school a much happier kid.

(Sometimes I think that Larissa looks tired and puffy in her pictures.)

Driving home I asked Larissa why she never talked to the neurologist.  She said because she didn't have anything to say to her.

She then took a nap.

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