Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Picture Wall

It took me about two weeks to venture out to the garage to cut a piece of wood down to make my little sign.  Then it took me 30 minutes to actually paint the sign.  I don't know why I procrastinate so much!

Anyways, my wall of pictures is finally finished.

The frames aren't all the same color or size.  I fit them together for optimum coverage.

I gathered pictures from the garage, closets and other storage areas.

Pictures that have never been hung and some that have at other homes.

Baby pictures of my now adult children.

All types of pictures of our life over many years.

And I love it: so many children, so many stories, so many memories.


  1. It's fabulous!!! I have a couple of huge wall spaces in my house. I need to do something like this!!!

  2. I don't have wall room anymore. I have one place that I have nine pictures. In base housing we had steps so had a wall there. Good job on your wall. That was quite ambitious.