Thursday, February 12, 2015


We have a little hair growth.  I am able to get two little pony tails.  I try to keep her bangs trimmed since long bangs lead to her hair cutting.

Along with the hair growth we have emotional growth.  There are many ears where she still struggles but thankfully I see growth in her attachment to her family.

The tantrums aren't totally gone but the days of her screaming that she wants a new family are and the tantrums are of a manageable level.

Little tokens of love are offered to me and she accepts my love.  My desk is cluttered with many love notes at this time of the year and hers are included.

This is a child who endured many moves at a crucial time in her life.  A child whose social worker thought at the tender age of 4 that she would one day age out of the system.  A child who didn't know what a family was until she entered our home.

A child who is worthy of a family, of a mother's love.

She is worthy.