Sunday, February 1, 2015


 Larissa is loving dance this year.  She has been part of a team that dances for different programs in our county. Last week they practiced every day of the week.  Everyone is exhausted.

This year we opted not to use a hairpiece.  She does have a lot of hair!

She asked me if she could do modeling.  I am not sure about that.  We don't live in an area that has lots of opportunities in that area.  I am also not sure if I would have time to devote to that.  It is something which I know nothing about.  Although, I do think that she might enjoy it on a small level.

However, I think that she will just have to satisfy herself with dance.


  1. SHe is amazingly beautiful. One of God's special princesses.

  2. she really is beautiful! it might be good for her confidence?
    you are such a great mum xo