Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mission Trip

Two years ago Sarah went on a mission trip to Italy with Teen Missions International and the same summer I went on a mission trip to Guatemala hosted by Dr. Hugo Gomez with Global CHE Enterprises, .

It was a rough summer.  Sarah was thinking that she would like to do mission work before going on her trip.  She came back deciding that she no longer had that interest.  She was bullied the entire time by one girl.  For some reason she was expected to just take it and was treated as though she was wrong for saying something about it.  One time another team member spoke up about it and was given a consequence for it.  I don't understand why they had such a "blame the victim" mentality but it made it possible for this girl to bully her the entire time.

I enjoyed my mission trip to Guatemala and really connected with some of the kids there.  One girl in particular touched my heart and I wanted to go back this year to show the older girls how to sew rag dolls and give my little one a rag doll.  This is the last year that the team is going to this village.

I had planned on going and taking Sarah with me.  She really needs a more positive mission experience.  However, the funds I had to partially fund the trip are gone so I am now trying to ensure that Sarah gets to go.  We were going to have to do some fundraising to begin with, just not so much.  We are about to start some fundraising but I think that we will only be able to fund Sarah.  She can't sew so will not be able to teach sewing.  However, she can give my little one a rag doll.

I am not good at fundraising.  If anyone has ideas let me know.  In a few weeks I will be selling copies of one of my paintings.  Locally we plan on having a garage sale.  I also plan on upcycling some furniture and selling that.  If anyone is interested in sending a donation please email me.  We were given an address where donations could be sent.  I am working on a letter for donation at this time.

Please pray for Sarah and this mission trip.

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