Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Strike That

I really need to learn how to say no.  The 17 year old that I mentioned in the previous post was a respite placement until Monday.  I said no.  Today we had DSS at our house to do a quarterly visit and to meet the people who were coming over to fingerprint my mom.  The entire time she was here the social worker was talking about how she doesn't have a place for the teen and that the foster mom has already left town.  After a while we folded and said to bring her over.  We have an extra bed, actually an entire extra bedroom at this time. 

They know that we are full.  They had no one who was willing to take a teenager.  No one.  So far she has been no problem for us. As a respite care placement we probably won't.

There are lots of struggles happening at this time with our kids.  Anthony has decided that he can wander the halls and peak into Sarah's bedroom.  This has become a big issue so we have moved him to the closet which we have decided to call the Harry Potter Room.  It is right outside of our bedroom so there is no longer any roaming of the halls and peaking in on his sister.

We were going to put Emma and Michelle upstairs in a bedroom together.  Emma cried over that decision and stated that she didn't want to share a room with Michelle.  Given the facial bruising that Michelle had recently given her we decided that we wouldn't room them together.  However we had nowhere to put Michelle.  After brainstorming we decided to put Michelle in with grandma.  Yes, that is right, she is sharing with grandma.  I thought that Michelle would have a fit over that but she didn't.  So far they seem to be doing well together.

Emma has pulled herself out of her behavioral downward spiral but Anthony and Michelle have escalated with their behaviors.  I received a call from Michelle's teacher about a lot of attention seeking behaviors she does at school.  It has become a problem and is actually pushing kids away.

John and I went out of town on Friday to attend a foster parent conference.  We were gone one night.  Sarah was at home as well as Kim (friend) and Charlotte (my moms caregiver).  The night before we left Larissa was up most of the night dealing with anxiety.  While we were gone she was whinny.  Michelle and Anthony acted out terribly.  John and I had planned on taking a cruise in Alaska, we had it paid for and everything.  However, this one night out made us realize that the kids are just not ready for us to be gone for any period of time.  It is something that John has really wanted to do but we aren't in the right place to do so.  Our plans for the next summer (2015) continue since it includes taking the kids.  We are working on passports for everyone since we plan on going to Canada.  Major road trip and I hope that everything works out so that we can do that.


  1. It seems like you get one behavior under control and then another returns. Ever wonder what it would be like to be a normal family? :) (Probably pretty boring)

    1. I think that they play behavior tag! Normal? We may have had that years ago before we decided to adopt/foster. We never have boring here!