Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Curious George

Dogs....we have not done well. Cats....we do great. We currently have 4 cats in our house. We love cats and cats love us.

Dogs....we love but have really struggled with.  The last dog we had I loved.  Problem was he went out the cat door and ran the neighborhood often.  We couldn't stop the behavior and we couldn't lock the cat door with four cats.  We live close to a busy road and after seeing one of our neighbors dogs dead on the side of the road we realized that we had to find our cat door loving dog a new, safer home.

We have actually had some dogs that we loved dearly.  one was Bingo.  After paying for knee surgery he blew out his other knee before the first one healed.  He was in so much pain that we had to put him to sleep.  I cried that day and stayed away from dogs for a long time.

Then we tried dogs again.  Unfortunately we just got mutts or whatever dogs people were trying to get rid of.  This didn't work so we said we wouldn't do any more dogs.  A dog is a long term commitment and we weren't living up to that.  Out dogs did find other homes.

Recently my husband said that it was time to think about a dog again.  However, this time we needed to get a lab mix like Bingo was.  We started searching for a lab mix puppy.  We didn't want a dog mill puppy.  We wanted a puppy that came from a family.  It is amazing how much people want for mixed puppies on Craigslist and how many pitts are at the animal shelter.

Finally I found a puppy about an hour away.  The mommy is an Australian Shepard and the dad a Lab.  We went and got Curious George.....

We are committed to keeping this puppy as a member of our family.  I plan on posting a picture of him the first of each month so everyone can see his growth.  I don't think he will fit in that cart too long.

If you can't see the tail it is because he doesn't have one.  He only has his first set of shots so is only allowed in our backyard.  He is also getting crate trained and seems to be very bright.

His original name was simply George.  However, on the first evening home he got a little too curious and ended up in the pool, thus he is now Curious George.


  1. Aussies are very water friendly so he may become a super swimmer! He's adorable good luck

  2. We have an Aussie/Lab (black) mix! So good with kids. Ellie is the sweetest dog and my 2yo's best friend. :)