Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Calls, calls and more calls

As a foster parent you just never know what to expect.  We decided that we wouldn't take any placements so naturally the phone rings and rings.  We were asked to take a newborn, 4 year old and 17 year old, all separate placements.  Every time I said we were full.  In the end we did take the newborn since it is supposed to be a short term placement.  Sarah and I went to the hospital and had to take medication and infant CPR classes so we could take the baby from the NICU.

When we got to the hospital at the time we were told to be there the mother was there holding her baby. This has been the hardest placement for me.  Having a crying mother hand you her newborn is so hard. I really felt for her. I couldn't imagine going to the hospital to have a baby and then leaving the hospital without my baby because it was in care.  This is our first placement that came directly from the hospital.

We are not supposed to have him for long. We are enjoying him and he is getting lots of cuddling and love while here.  I am also walking around tired most of the time!  I am too old to have a newborn.  He is now sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night so things are looking up. 

Next post....kids.  Lots of struggles at this time.  Lots of room changes.

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  1. I had several hospital pick ups because I was one of the few available. Loved it.