Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Day

March 2nd

March 24th

George has been very busy eating and growing.  He is a sweet puppy, all puppy.  He is currently at the stage where he chews on everything he can find.

Today the weather was beautiful so Larissa and I decided to do some work in this area.  (Note, our entire backyard is in serious need of work.)

Larissa was most excited by the pink flamingo!

If anyone has any suggestions for the best options for covering our sand please let me know!

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  1. We have sand too and very little grass. Kiara taught Travis to dig so we are full of holes too. Travis has chewed up a number of pairs of underwear, PJ bottoms, school pants and a pair of expensive dance pants. Shoes, books etc. I tell the girls every day to hang everything on the hooks at the top of the door and put everything else up on the top bunk and they don't listen.