Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mission Trip Part 2

Our mission trip had several objectives.  We visited with 2 schools in the village and had a Bible study class for the children.  The kids loved having their pictures taken.

They were also enthralled with the class.

This little one was lured in with my camera.  I would take a picture and turn it around so that she could see herself.  She finally sat at my feet and rubbed the my stubble on my legs. 

We also had a clinic with 3 doctors and one dentist.  Several of the mission members were nurses and they ran the pharmacy.

We brought 400 pairs of glasses donated by the Lions Club.  I worked there several days.  My experience for such a job.....I wear glasses.  It was purely guess work and trying on of lots of glasses.

Some of the men helped work on the church.

One of the biggest objectives of the mission trip was building relationships.  That meant lots of playing with the kids.

My little friend from school sat on my lap for quite a long time.  She also wrote me some art on my notebook.

It was so peaceful at the village.  They do not live by our quick paced standards.

On Thursday the village had a final church service.  It was a beautiful service.

After we left the village for the last time we drove by the ocean to watch the sun set.

To be continued....

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  1. Beautiful children, beautiful scenery (last post), Beautiful purpose. I want to go!