Friday, November 15, 2013

This Week

I know, it took me forever to put the last posts up.  Considering they were already written it was extremely slow.  That doesn't mean that life has been slow.  It has been a very busy week here.

The weather took a turn here.  Windy and cold, we even had snow late on night.

I have been cleaning the pool.

I have thousands of pictures.  Many of them are not digital because the technology wasn't available back then.  Over a year ago I bought a picture scanner and never took it out of the box.  I decided to try it our.  Of course, this meant going through my pictures.  I spent hours looking through the pictures and a few minutes scanning a few.  That is going to be a huge undertaking, scanning them.

We only carved one of our pumpkins for Halloween so we decided to paint them for Thanksgiving.

To us it says Give Thanks.

Sarah dragged the Christmas tree in.  It has been sitting there unfluffed and the lighting has not been connected.  Sarah's kitten likes to climb it so this year it will be a year for unbreakable ornaments.  We hope to make some, preferably before Christmas.

Michelle came down one morning and was wondering why I was accusing her of getting into something after she went to bed.  I clued her in.  One finger was blue as well leading me to believe that she found a sugar packet.  She won't tell.

I picked Kassi up and she came for a visit.  We had to get some San Jose.

Also, I have been doing my secretary duties with the foster parent association in coordinating some events with local groups. 

Also, I got a bunch of insulation delivered last night so I can work on the Christmas float with our church. 

Larissa and I visited the local acute care place to have her wrist x-rayed, she sprained it.

I have pulled out all the winter clothing and have a huge mess.  Lots of clothing for Anthony, Emma and Michelle.  Larissa has moved up to size 10/12 clothing as long as it is skinny style.  I did think ahead and buy some that size the end of last year.

This has been a big week for change.  I am tired of picking up after kids or calling for them constantly to came and get their stuff.

I have changed up the clothing issue.  I was in control of the girls clothing.  Matching and storing.  It didn't start that way.  When the girls first came having a lot of clothing was new to them, they had to wear multiple outfits every day and throw them on the floor.  My laundry was crazy out of control.  So I reigned it in and took control.  Now, I am tired of spending hours matching and managing their laundry.  I bought everyone their own laundry basket, I even labeled them.  I assigned each child a laundry day.  They are in charge of ensuring that their clothing is in the laundry basket, help with washing it and then putting it away themselves.  They are also in charge of making their own matches.  Emma is challenged in this area so it should get interesting.  I have told them that any clothing on the floor gets to go to Goodwill.  Since this is new I am currently giving lots of reminders but it will kick in full swing next week.  Wonder how much clothing they will lose before they realize I mean business.  They also have their own socks so no more sock matching for me.  I assume that they will have none left by the end of winter.

I am also taking back my dining room and kitchen.  No more toys all over the place.  Six kids can leave a lot of stuff around.  The other day I walked in and tripped over Anthony's backpack and shoes.  The kids literally walk in and drop everything.  I explained the new rules to the kids and I have given many warnings this week.  Anthony was the first to test. Anthony couldn't find his backpack because I put it in John's office.  His shoes, favorite jacket and many papers were in the trash.  I did let him take out his shoes, they cost me $50, but I told him that was the last time.  I had given a warning about the papers but no one was concerned.  Anthony because concerned the next day when he realized he was missing some assignments.  I did not let him take back his jacket.  He has several and hopefully he won't lose any more.  Next week to get backpacks the kids will have to do a chore.

I know that it sounds severe but my kids are so lazy.  I can't tackle big jobs because I am constantly on the little ones.  I am tired of seeing shoes, dirty clothing, backpacks and toys laying around everywhere.  We have a huge coat closet, the kids have their own bedrooms to put stuff and a huge two car garage for toy storage.  They know where the stuff belongs so I expect them to do it and I don't care how much stuff I throw away in the testing process.

Oh, Jason has moved back home.  He is in my shop.  All my craft stuff got moved to the laundry I was taking out the winter clothing.  huge mess, huge work in progress.  I do have before pictures I will share after I download them.  I am overwhelmed and really need to organize. 

How has your week been?  Anyone care to come to South Carolina to help organize my craft stuff?


  1. Junk drives me crazy too. They do push ups to get it back.

  2. Sounds like the same battle we have here with clothes and toys. I had a little meltdown over laundry this morning and Matt is forcing me to step down and take it easy on myself. I'm also kicking into high gear with the toys. Stepping on a Lego--IN THE BATHROOM--at 2 a.m. was the last straw for me. Ugh. I don't think you're harsh at all. I think you're totally fair.

    1. After reading your latest adventures I thought that we were about at the same place frustration wise. Ha, my kids think that I am totally unfair. Such is life. The kids need to take some responsibility for their own stuff. If it too much for them then I am willing to help them to downsize.