Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Adoption Journeys

Since this is Adoption Month I decided to post my adoption stories on facebook.  Since most of my readers are not friends with me on facebook I decided to post it here as well. 
Eleven years ago life was good. John had retired from the military and had a federal job. We bought a nice home and I was able to stay at home and be a mom. We were new Christians, baptized the year before. We were comfortable. We had four kids, three living with us.

I had always had it on my heart to adopt a child and had nagged John about it. He didn’t share my dream of adoption. Finally (after years of nagging) ...
he opened his heart and we decided to adopt. We chose Guatemala.

We thought that we would adopt a young child. Once you decide to open your heart and home you don’t know where it will lead. We adopted a 10 year old. Different culture, lots of trauma, different language, no schooling. Lots of challenges, lots of mistakes and lots of love. Today she is our beautiful daughter Joselin and after many struggles we have a great relationship.

It is interesting how adding to our family expanded our lives. We were still comfortable, life was still good. It was just different. We made the decision to do something locally. We became foster parents.

to be continued.....

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