Monday, September 9, 2013

Frogs, spiders and pools

We have frogs; tiny itty bitty cute ones.

We can't release them yet because they are digging in our yard.  We are putting in a pool and our yard is one huge mess. 

The pool is something that I have wanted for a long time.  I grew up in California living in a pool and starting school each year with green hair.  My husband grew up in Michigan swimming in ponds and lakes.  The tide changed the day his pain doctor told him that she couldn't do anything else for him.  He told her that I was nagging him for a pool and that it would help him with his joint pain.  She said I was right.  So.... in some ways a therapeutic pool.

All that digging didn't seem to bother the spiders.

We have been studying this lady.  She is big and busy but not harmful.  I just wish she would catch more of the mosquitoes that we have had this year.  With all the rain they have been awful.

Our books have arrived so Larissa and I are separating from Connections and heading out on our own.  New directions and new opportunities.

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  1. We have a gazillion little frogs in our yard and when they all decide to sing, it gets VERY loud.