Monday, September 23, 2013

Larissa Turns 8

 Larissa turned 8 shortly after Emma turned 7.  She is two months younger than Michelle. 

Larissa requested a Monster High cake and just about everything that she saw on TV.

We have added six children to our home through adoption.  Larissa is the only adopted child we have who has pictures of her first birthday.  I never realized how important those first pictures were until I had children who don't have them.  On my external hard drive I have pictures of all my foster kids birthdays.....just in case one day they are wanted.

Has she changed much?

Sarah wrapped Larissa's big gift in multiple layers.

Happy with crackers.

I got her a camera.  Well, actually I am repurposing an old camera that was stored in my desk.  I had no idea what to get her so decided to go with a camera.  I am not sure why it was in my desk but it seems to work fine.  She loves it so much that if it dies soon I will have to go and buy her a new one.

We now have a birthday break until November.......for Jason, Tasha and Sarah.  We went low key this summer with only family parties.  Who knows what next summer will bring.

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  1. the "before" & "after" photos are priceless, she has the same expression on her face. Adorable.