Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Barbie/Monster High Cake

For years I have been making Barbie cakes. With seven girls I have made many.  Some of my little girls have grown up and sadly no longer request Barbie cakes.

I have a little silver bowl that I purchased to make Tasha a Barbie cake.   That little bowl is only used for these cakes.  I panicked yesterday when I couldn't find it.  However, after a thorough search of the kitchen I did find it in the back of a cabinet.  It is the perfect little bowl for the top of the dress.

The three other pans are all different sizes.  It requires two cake boxes and many frosting tubs (Yes, I do boxed cakes and frosting's).

For this cake we had one box of chocolate cake and one of yellow cake mix.

As I stack the cakes I cut a little rectangle in the middle and have them match up.  This is where the doll will go.  I used chocolate frosting between the layers because we love chocolate here.

After the layers are together I wrap the bottom portion of the doll and put it in the cake.

I did a little trimming of the cake to give it the dress shape I wanted.  I also saran wrap the top of the doll just to keep the hair out of the way.  I like to have the doll in the dress before decorating because it helps me with the decorating and I put frosting up to the side.

I put on a coating of frosting to lock in the crumbs and different color of frosting between the layers.  I then put it in the fridge for a little while to firm it up.

Next comes the fun part.  Decorating the dress.  I try to use as little food dye as possible because of the taste.  The pink is strawberry frosting.  I do very little black.  If I feel it needs black I just use chocolate.  My cakes are always tasty.  At this stage you can decorate with whatever you want.  Candies, marshmallows, only frosting, whatever strikes your fancy.  Just remember it is a dress.

Have fun!



  1. Really cool Felicia! (Ugly doll though, sorry.)

  2. Ha, you don't like the Monster High dolls? At first I didn't like them. However, I have learned to embrace them as Larissa loves them. I like them because they are all colors versus white and blond. Hers are blue, pink, brown and white with all different hair types and colors.

    1. Umm. Yeah. I'm not familiar with them, but right off I'd have to say they'd be out of my comfort zone. :)

  3. Ah, now I know what a Barbie-cake is!! Here we call it a Dolly Varden and we cheat by using a big deep tin that is shaped like the skirt, so no need to stack cakes, just stick the doll in the middle :)