Thursday, September 26, 2013


Once again we are on a quest to see if we can control Larissa's seizures.  Since she has starting homeschooling a lot of her behaviors from being overtired have gone away.  However, knowing her personality I expect that at some point she will want to go back to public school.  At this time there would not be a positive outcome because she requires extra sleep.

Once again we did a sleep deprived EEG.  Of course that also means that I am sleep deprived because Larissa was not going to stay up until midnight and then get up at 5 am all by herself. 

As soon as they got the probes on her she fell asleep.  Shortly after that she had a seizure.  Her seizures are so numerous and reliable that it is easy to get them recorded.  The problem is finding a way to stop them without taking away from her quality of life. 

Say a prayer for her that the right medication can be found, we go back later in October to discuss options.


  1. Unfortunately 11:30/midnight until 5:07 is my normal sleep time. I set the clock for 5:07 because it seems more humane than 5:00! Off to Disney Oct 11. Come on down!!

    1. My normal is 1 am to 6 am but it is normally my time, not keeping a tired kid awake time. I would come on down if I could afford it.