Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I have been firming up my curriculum choices.  When I decided to go with the virtual school program I thought that it would work with us.  However, after just a few weeks I can see that it is not what I wanted.  Already they want her to take all types of tests each month that I feel are not necessary.  The math program that Larissa struggled with is the same, just done at home.  There is not the freedom to personalize the program.  We are bored.

In South Carolina you have to join a homeschool association that keeps track of your records.  I have picked one and will be faxing my application tomorrow.  Then I will withdraw from the Connections Program that we are in.  The books will have to be returned.

I have ordered several curriculum items to get us going.  After much thought I have decided to go with Saxon Math 2.  I have used this program before and really liked it.  Larissa really needs repetition.  I think that the big colorful pages are just a distraction for her.  She has a huge number problem and has trouble pulling the numbers out of the word problems.  If I feel that it isn't working by Christmas then I will look at the Math U See program.

I have also ordered First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Level 2.  I am still working on the total package.  I have some ideas for readers and may use the spelling lists that I have.  Not sure, I may pull spelling and vocabulary from other things we are studying.

I am also going to use the Abeka history 2 book to pull from.  I think that science is going to be evolving.  Right now we are working on the life cycle of frogs.  We dismantled the pond and are observing the tadpoles we pulled from it.

I am looking at free ideas that are all over the internet.  Right now schooling isn't very personalized or enjoyable for either of us, I am going to add more things of interest to Larissa.  The idea that she can study whatever interests her is a totally new concept for her. 

I am sure that over time I will fill in the gaps.  Right now we have enough coming in that we should be ready to go by next week when the books arrive.  I hadn't budgeted for buying curriculum so I have gotten as creative as I could.  The Saxon Math and manipulatives cost the most. 

Wish us luck as we jump off into the homeschooling experience!

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  1. I think she's going to love it and do so much better. Without the pressure of a traditional classroom, she'll be able to relax. I've been doing our hodgepodge mix of curriculum with Kate for almost a month now, and the gains she has made are stunning. Praying the very best for Larissa and you. She's going to do great!