Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have come to realize that Larissa really does not like math. She admits that all her accidents last year were to avoid math.  Math gives her headaches.  If you give her the following sentence:

Billy has 6 pencils and Sally has 2 pencils, how many do they have in all?

Larissa will not see the numbers.  It is as though she has a wall up about numbers.

So today I stopped the lessons on Connections and we just reading and cooking.  Who knew that cooking could bring up so many math concepts, especially when you have to double the recipe.
One math problem took her a while to figure out, we determined that we needed 6 tbs of butter and had 2 sticks of 4 tbs butter.  First she thought that 2 sticks were needed but after adding she realized that it was too much.  It was nice seeing her using math skills in such a way that she was excited about.  She was surprised at how much you really use the stuff.  Not sure what to tell her about algebra!  The only time I use my algebra is to help my kids with their math homework. (Anyone use their algebra?)

When I look at this picture I am shocked at how tall she is!

After much measuring, stirring and cooking Larissa ended up with two pans of Rice Crispy treats. She was very proud of herself.  (Don't expect to get any if you come over, they are almost gone)

Of course the best part of being the cook is licking the spoon.


  1. Hands on teaching works best for most kids.

  2. I love this! Before I got pregnant sick, I had Kate helping me make our freezer meals. Lots of measuring and counting. Math is always more fun if you use food!

  3. I have an idea for a different approach to math. Miquon math is very different. It doesn't teach 1+1=2 but why. The books are cheap, 2 a year each one is less than $10 off Amazon. They teach concepts like fractions in the first book and I came away with a better understanding of the why of math than in 12 years of traditional math when I used it. It isn't for every child but it might be for her.