Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day 2013

We had a nice labor intensive Labor Day at our house.  The girls decided that they wanted to get up bright and early and spread at least 100 books (no exaggeration) across their bedroom floor and run, jump and scream across them.  Lets just say that their day went downhill from there.

Anthony told me his bedroom was cleaned the night before.  Only problem was he spent hours in his room but cleaning was not taking place.  So after breakfast Anthony got to continue the work on his room and the girls got to have a labor day.  We got pine cones picked up, all the floors swept, the Florida room cleaned, bathrooms picked up, some counters cleaned and the shoe closet organized. 

Anthony finally did get his room cleaned after hours of dawdling.  Really it was mostly clothing and should have taken 30 minutes at the most.  Instead he dragged it out to two days.  Oh well, guess he didn't have anything else to do with his time.

The day got more exciting as the littlest one got sick.  She is running a fever and her stomach was bothering her.  She went to bed early after leaving me more laundry and messes to clean up.  I hope that this is a short lived virus.  I now expect it to run through the house and hope that it skips my mom.  I always worry about her catching the kids illnesses.

We had a very busy weekend, John, Sarah and I got the shelving moved to the other garage and the play space is starting to shape up.  No pictures tonight as I am exhausted from the 5 showers I had to take today.  It was very humid here today.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  Maybe some folks will have some suggestions to improve the space

That shelving is in two pieces....we got it for $20/section.  They were heavy.....very heavy.

We have a lot of work going on in our backyard.  We are moving everything around and changing the kids play space to the left side of the yard.  That meant that my pond had to go.  I really hadn't had time for it this year so it had really gotten overgrown.  I gave the liner, rocks, plantings and filter to someone who was setting up a pond.  I am going to miss the lilies.  Funny, I didn't realize that I would miss it since I hadn't taken care of it this year.
The trampoline has been sitting all summer.  I told the kids that if they tore up the safety net that they wouldn't get to jump on it.  It has been sitting unusable for about 6 months.  Finally I had to decide if I was going to fix it up or get rid of it.  In the end I decided to fix it up one more time.  The kids have been warned, tear this net up and it will be gone.  Sarah gives it a month.

We even added a ladder so that the kids wouldn't have to drag anything they could find over to the trampoline so that they could get on it. My kids must have a safety net....must.  It wouldn't be long before someone would be flying off without it.

I like this safety net better than the one that came with the trampoline.  The top part is sleeves versus strapped and the bottom is clipped in.  The last one was sewn in and not nearly as tight.  Hopefully the tightness will make it last.  It is not easy to grab ahold of and tug on.

Tomorrow will be a full day of laundry.  I didn't do much over the weekend and that isn't good.  That means that I will have to set a timer so that I can go upstairs every hour to change over.  It will probably take me two days of constant laundry to get caught up.  I also get to do the girls bedding since Michelle is moving beds.  She has taken to spitting down the steps from her top bunk location.  Tomorrow she gets moved to the bottom and Emma is going to move up.  Tonight Michelle is sleeping downstairs and she unaware that she is about to lose the upper bunk. 
Have I showed a picture of the girls room since I moved them over?  Right now Emma is on the bottom and the littlest one is inside the castle.  Michelle is on top of the castle part.  Tomorrow that will change.

(No, it is not normally this clean.)
Where is Larissa?  Mostly in our bedroom.  However, she has chosen the claim the FROG as her bedroom.  The laundry room is on the other side.  This is supposed to be a spare/emergency space for kids coming for a visit.

It is still in the process of being painted.  As you can see, it is directly attached to the girls room and bathroom.

And finally, the great shoe match......

And how was your weekend?

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  1. Love the rooms. Our rooms are 10x12 so no change to do much with them.