Friday, October 5, 2012

Unemployment Sucks

When we made the decision for John to quit his job last February we had no idea that he would still be unemployed 10 months later.  He did a short stint with the Veterans Program which amounted to nothing.  Actually, it cost us money to pay for his dry cleaning and gas to get there.  The tiny stipend he received wasn't worth the effort when they told him that they had no openings to hire him then didn't train him like they said they would do.  They just enjoyed the free labor and used him as a receptionist.

We do not receive unemployment or any other government aid such as food stamps.  We knew that we could afford for John to be out of work and made that decision.  We also knew that we would have to cut back on our expenses.  If you have noticed we have not been travelling.  Although I can't completely blame the lack of money (although that is a huge factor).  We also can't travel as a family because of my mom.  Obviously she can't be left alone.  We knew that we could afford for John to be off of work until I finished school.  I should graduate in May and hopefully find a teaching job for the following August. 

Although that is nice it doesn't solve John's unemployment status, he is starting to go stir crazy.  The job market in our area is really not good.  Jason finally got a job but had to move to Charleston to do so.  The housing market has really not changed much since we last tried to sell our house before so selling the house and moving is not really an option.  We are throwing around the idea of broadening his job search and just renting while keeping the house here.  The home will be paid off by retirement and it is a good size home for family to come home to.

If we move out of state that would mean that we would never do the last adoption like we had planned.  It would also mean maintaining two homes and moving the kids around.  Also, I would need to recertify in whatever state we landed in.  Then, there is my mom who I believe will be in a nursing home before too long.

John has also rolled around the idea of going back to school for his masters.  He has looked at programs and different schools.  He just doesn't feel a burning desire to write all those papers he sees me writing, ha, I can't blame him.

So what I am saying could get interesting or John could find a local job.  Hard to say but right now it is a big issue that we are dealing with.  Please say a prayer as we look at our options.

Sometimes being an adult just sucks.  We don't have the answers all the time and sometimes we are just flying by the seat of our pants. 

How is the employment outlook in your neck of the woods?


  1. unemployment sucks! i hope he finds something he likes without having to disrupt his family!

  2. I will be praying! It is hard when the men start to go stir crazy! I am all caught up on your blog and love you sharing about your kids and their issues. I have some of the same here from my boys. We are getting closer to permanency with them and all the professionals are recommending TPR for the two of them and their baby sister. Just waiting.

    If you move closer to Atlanta, let me know! We are 2 hrs from Augusta on the GA side.

    Beautiful grandchildren! Thanks for the picture!

  3. Ty has interviewed at Big Lots for seasonal work. There are jobs but he doesn't read people well so doesn't interview well. Trying to get him into Job Corps.

  4. Wish I could recommend coming here :( Hope he finds a job soon. I know that has to add a lot to the stress.