Saturday, October 27, 2012


Tasha was supposed to come home on Saturday. we got a call on Friday from Tasha telling us that she was just told to pack up because she was flying out!

So we hurried and made some welcome home signs....

We were at the airport at midnight waiting...

We practiced how to hold the signs......

And we welcomed Tasha home.  It sure was a long year and we are so happy to have her home safe and sound.

She shopped on the internet while she was away so she had lots of boxes to go through.  My house presently looks like a tornado went through it since she can't take stuff upstairs unless it is hung up in the closet.

I got a kinder egg, I haven't had one in a while.  I have to laugh at this picture, I have blue fingernail polish on.  The fact that I painted nails seemed to shock many of my children.  I don't wear make-up and rarely paint my nails. 

Tasha is planning on enrolling in college next semester.  She has been trying to go to school for a while now and always seems delayed for one reason or another.  She has some credit but not enough.  She wants to be a psychologist so she has lots of schooling ahead of  her. 

(Thanks to Pam who came along and took our family photo, one shot and she did great!)


  1. Well..your face forward photo is quite many stories on those faces. You continue to inspire me to keep on moving forward even in deep trenches. Please pass along to your daughter our thanks for her service to this country. Blessings, Jennifer

  2. I cry like a baby every time I see a military family greet their soldier in the air port. So glad she's home!