Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Sometimes life is so busy, so fast, so stressful that I forget to see the moments. Those small things that happen every day, those small things that should be noticed and cherished. If I don't slow down I don't see them. They are what keep me sane on those days when I should be going insane.

Some of my moments from this week..........

John and I went to a movie last weekend.  Larissa had gotten an ice cream machine and I had told her that we would make some.  It took me forever to remember to buy cream and then we were out of ice.  I finally had everything together and told her that we would make some when I got back from the movies (we do the cheaper afternoon movies).

When we got back the kids were eating ice cream.  Sarah had decided to make ice cream with them.  Ooops, she had to borrow sugar from the neighbors.  She also made a point to take pictures for me.  She knows that I like to photograph everything.  Not only did Sarah help with the ice cream but she also took pictures that she knows I love. 

A big moment, Tasha's stuff is arriving from the Middle East.  A sure sign that she will soon follow.

I could hear the kids in my moms room and went to check on them........

Sarah with a screwdriver, putting her license plate on her car.  They seem to grow up so fast.

What moments have you had this week?

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  1. You have to savor those moments for the days you are going crazy! Right now I am working very hard to separate the child from her stealing habit in my mind. Sometimes it's hard, but I'm much better than I was with A&J. I want to stomp out the habit without stomping on the child. Ugh.