Thursday, October 11, 2012


I have been absent lately because I have been so busy with life in general. We are still doing soccer.  I really think that if I had known that they had two games a week I wouldn't have signed them up.  A majority of the games are on Tuesday and Thursday so we have been skipping church on Wednesday because the kids aren't used to be out past 7pm on school nights.

Michelle is my most aggressive soccer player.  She even got to be goalie. I did keep Emma out of the dirt one game with the promise of McDonald's afterwards for everyone who stays out of the dirt.  These games always fall within our normal meal time, another frustration for us.  I guess we are just set in our ways.

Michelle has her top front teeth pulled long before she came to our home and her new ones still haven't come in.  Larissa recently lost her top teeth and already has one in and another following.  Anyone out there have this issue.  I wonder how long it will take her to get her top teeth.

When we need to redo Larissa's hair but haven't made the time, this headband is great!

Emma is doing great in school, both academically and socially.  What a change! Still no bangs.

Anthony brought his grades up and got these shoes as a reward.

These shoes are 2 weeks old, Emma wears them out as fast as she gets them.

For improvement in her area Larissa got to go to the movies.  Wow, we hadn't been to the big city movies in a while and I see why, $50 to get us all in and a little more then that for popcorn and sodas. We went to go see Hotel Transylvania.

Couches normally last for 5 years around here however this last one only survived 4 years.  The recliner is broken and the couch is losing its integrity.

Don't let this cleanliness deceive you, when I pulled out the old sectional there was all kinds of stuff behind it.  I was not a nice mommy at the moment.  Typically I will sweep it all into one pile and tell the kids to take what they want otherwise it all gets thrown away.

I know, I said no more sectionals and then we went out and got a sectional.  This one is different.  each piece is so huge that it doesn't move around much because it is heavy.  It barely fit into the space but it will fit a lot of kids.  Rule one.....the pillows need to stay on the couch.  I didn't realize how many pillows this sectional came with!

We kept some parts of the old sectional and put round the kids table.  They love it and we hope that Roxie will stay off of the new one.  We can hope.  We are trying very hard to keep her off of the new couch.

It is big, Sarah laying down doesn't cover the short side....

If you ever come for a visit and we don't have any ice cream....this is why!  Don't let that face deceive you.

and have a great day!


  1. Love the bigness of the couch!!!

    Somehow I missed why that kiddo has no bangs... does she pull them out or cut them herself? So exciting that she is doing well with school!! What a blessing...we are experiencing the same here with James. Can't believe how well he is doing.

  2. Larissa decided that she wanted to be a hairstylist over the summer. Actually she cut Emma's bangs twice for her. Emma wanted them cut because they were in her eyes, lol, Larissa sure solved that problem.