Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still Here!

I am still here......very, very busy.

Can't seem to resolve anything.  Got a letter in the mail letting me know that my moms labs had a problem so I had the pleasure of trying to find the right person to see what the problem was.  Five people later I did get a hold of someone who had the answers, he antibiotics needed to be changed.

Adoptions called and said that our physicals are now out of date.  So all of us need to get physicals done before we can proceed with adoption.  Several of us had then yesterday and some will today.  Friday John and I have to go have our TB test read and I think we will be done with that.

I have been fighting with medicaid for my mom.  South Carolina will not give her medicaid until I can prove that she no longer has it in Texas.  I have called Texas and after getting the run around they said that they would send a letter.  Twice I have called....twice they have NOT sent the letter.

Now long term care calls to see if we are still interested.  We signed up for long term in home care over 6 months ago and have been sitting on their list.  We have to have medicaid to get the help.  Long term care is where they offer 14 hours of weekly in home care.  We have been paying for some in home care and could really use the help more often.  I am not sure what will happen since we are stuck with medicaid.  I hope that they don't put us on the bottom of their list again!

My school has been overwhelming me.  I have two online classes that I try and ignore but that just doesn't help.  I have a big crunch the first week in November.  I have things due in both classes and a major comp exam.  If I don't pass the comp exam then I can't student teach next semester.  The next opportunity to take the test is in May.  I am working on my classes now and next week will study for the comp.

Good news....Tasha is in Texas.  She is supposed to be flying home this weekend.  We are looking forward to having her home.  The upstairs is still torn up and I am not sure where we stand with the bed bugs.  I think we are waiting to see if any eggs hatch.  No new bites on the teen lately.

Soccer wraps up next Monday and I am so glad about that!  Trying to keep track of their uniforms is a full time job around here.

No pictures....because I sat my camera down somewhere and now I can't find it.  It is killing me because I have stuff I want to take pictures of!  I must have something for Tasha's homecoming this weekend.

Well, off to study.  I'll be back to normal programming soon.


  1. Sounds crazy! Hate the constant run around.

  2. Sorry you're still stuck in Medicaid limbo. I'm not sure if this will help, but I work for a state agency (not your state, sorry), and people write letters to the Governor and our Commissioner all the time that we have to respond to--people look to see that the citizen's question/problem is being looked into. Maybe try that in Texas?