Friday, July 20, 2012


This little shop sits behind our garage. It actually has a window unit in it.

It is not pretty, lots of weeds lead up to it.

John has been helping me to transform it into my artist's studio.

It still needs some work but is usable.

Today I decided to get back to painting.  Painting is such a stress reliever for me.

This is Prince Ferdinando, he is looking for his Princess.  Larissa wants him in her room.

John is now home full time.  He was in a training program with the VA.  However, all that training amounted to was filing and answering phones.  He was getting a stipend of $890/month.  It just wasn't worth it after gas and dry cleaning bills (he had to wear a suit every day). 

So, now he has free time on his hands and he is going to help me with getting an ETSY shop going.  I have lots of ideas but not so much time to do them!  This is a new venture for me, I am used to painting for my kids and not putting myself out there for failure.  As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Maybe I can make a little money to make up some of our budget shortfall.  The house remodelling and travelling budgets are gone.

It feels as though life around here is going to get very interesting indeed.

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