Friday, July 6, 2012

Leaving Tomorrow

Tomorrow I leave for my mission trip to Guatemala. I have been very busy getting ready to go. Well, not packing myself but preparing the family and house for my 1 week absence. I leave the packing for the night before I leave. Always have and I imagine I always will.  I think that it is genetic, Tasha does the same thing.

One thing that my husband asked for before I left was matching clothing for the girls.  That may seem like an odd thing to want but if you were to see my laundry room you might understand.....

It was a tad chaotic.  I know, the southerners would say "Bless her heart!" Clothing got washed but not put away.  Good thing I have a big laundry area!

So, the day after finals I set out to tackle the laundry room and to match girls clothing.  I took me 8 days to get to this point....

I am not even finished.  I need to paint and organize the sewing area.

Below are matched outfits for the girls.  On the bottom is Dimples, the middle is Michelle and top is Larissa.  On the very top is unmatched clothing.  To the right is all their dresses.

I do not leave the girls clothing in their bedroom.  They used to have their clothing in their bedroom but due to the newness of choices the girls decided to change clothing hourly.  I can barely keep up with laundry as it is, I sure don't need constant clothing changes.  Frequently I will give them enough clothing to last a week and they can choose what they want to wear each day.  It has kept the piles on the floor to a minimum.  I do store all pj's and underwear in their bedroom.

Actually matching the clothing took the longest.  Three girls, all different sizes.  Larissa is tall and lanky.  She wear size 10 jeans but when it comes to shorts or skorts she needs a 6 or 6X, actually she could fit into some 5's and if it is a big 6X it will fall off of her non-existent hips.  Tops she can wear some 6X if it is long enough but also 7/8 if it is that long, skinny style.  Michelle needs 7/8 unless it is sized big.  She cannot wear the long, skinny style.  Dimples is a 6X, not quite as thin as Larissa and quite a bit shorter.  If you have girls you understand, if not, well lets just say it is complicated and my husband wasn't going to go there.

Of course, after matching all that clothing I then realized how much the girls had! 

I am now packed and ready to go. (Multitasking, blogging and packing).  I have hired someone to come to the house and take care of my mom.  She will come over a couple of times a day. I really hope that this works out well since I will need to do it again when I go get Sarah in August.

No internet after the first day so I will see blogland again in a week. 

Have a great week!

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  1. Love the laundry room. Our washer/dryer is in the back hall and there isn't much room with cat bowls, coats and shelves for shoes and backpacks there.