Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lessons Learned

Yesterday was a very busy day. Lots of lessons were learned in our house!

Not necessarily in any order......

1. Do not put two pairs of flip flops together under your desk; if you do, look at your feet before heading out to take the kids to their doctor appointment. (I didn't even realize I had done this until after I got home)

2. The old cell phones sitting around the house....it is quite possible that if you give them to the kids to play with a certain child may charge it, call 911 and call for help.  The response time for the police is pretty quick in our little town.

On a side note:  The police will visit when your house is the messiest and most chaotic.

Extra side note:  My son does not like scooping poop.

3.  Keep Dimples away from all feminine products....unless you want an emergency stash on your doors.

4.  If you decide to go to the military base to get your typhoid shot, you may come away with an hour long lecture about everything you can catch down there as well as two extra shots.

On a side note:  So that you don't have to get the first Heb shot three separate times it is best to figure out where you got that series done at so that the military doesn't start you on it again.  Hey, but at least the A and B shots are now combined.

Extra side note:  Diphtheria is on the rise in the US.  The military is serious about vaccinating against it and the newer tetanus shot has it within it.

From the CDC........

On October 27, 2010, the ACIP voted to recommend:
  1. use of Tdap regardless of interval since the last tetanus or diphtheria containing vaccine,
  2. use of Tdap in certain adults ages 65 and older, and
  3. use of Tdap in under-vaccinated children ages 7 through 10 years.

5.  It is strange to hear your words being repeated by your children.  Not just talking about swear words here.  More on that one later.

I wonder what is in store for today!  Have a great one.


  1. I so appreciate reading your posts. I have commented before- and I'll say it again...it is just SO NICE reading about someone else in the fostering-to-adopt world who is experiencing all the same things we are. Your conclusion to stick with the kids even when it's hard is encouraging to me too--sometimes giving up sounds so attractive. But no one ever said life (or fostering!) was easy, and as you say--someone has to do it. Someone has to love and care for these wounded kids. The things that are most worth doing are usually the hardest. Thank you.