Sunday, July 29, 2012


Our teens mother signed the relinquishment papers on Friday.  For those of you who are not familiar with the process, she signed her rights away. For her it means that she doesn't have to pay any child support.  For our teen it is one step closer to adoption, which she wants.

Before mom met with the social workers to sign she wanted to talk with me to barter for continued contact.  She talks to her teen on the phone and through the internet.  However, I wasn't willing to talk with her.  I am not bartering.  I also am not going to totally stop all contact.  Honestly, my teen is 17, if she wants to contact her mother she can find multiple ways to do so.

Truly, I wasn't going to be the reason that mom signed.  If she signed it had to be her choice, not because I bartered with her.  On Monday we have a TPR court date.  Mom hasn't done anything so I wasn't too worried.  Dad has done even less.  Hopefully on Monday we can TPR on dad and after a 30 day waiting period we can move forward with adoption. 

After we sign an intent to adopt I can give my teen a name.  I do believe that she will keep her first and middle names and only change her last name.  She already changed her last name on facebook a while ago so I guess it is partially official! 

I wondered if my teen would be upset by the relinquishment but she doesn't seem to be.  She sees it as one step towards adoption.  However, I think that anytime a mom signs those papers there are some feelings attached to that.  I watch for it.

Court tomorrow, say a prayer.


  1. I am so happy for her and for you! I'm sure there's a degree of relief for everyone involved.