Thursday, July 26, 2012

Long Week

I thought that when summer got here I would finally have some time to get something accomplished in my house.  Silly me, it seems like I am busier now then when I was in school.  Of course, that could just be because I am getting old and my memory is fading too.

I really need to get back into blogging more often because I can't remember what I do from day to day.  If I wait several days it is really bad.  This week I registered 5 kids for school, 2 girls for dance, waited for an adoption worker who never showed, rescheduled and met on Wednesday, waited for another adoption worker who never showed and I haven't heard from (insert eye rolling here, this is not a first for this person), called doctors and made appointments, picked up prescriptions, scheduled someone to be here tomorrow for my mom while we all go back to school shopping, painted, stripped wallpaper, shopped for the cheapest floor covering that could be found, celebrated a birthday, celebrated an anniversary, gave my mom a shower, tried new product on Larissa's hair, talked to two social workers, talked to one GAL, did paperwork for SW, signed myself up for class and all other mom duties that were required to keep the kids healthy and alive.  (Well, the Zaxby's tonight may not have been too healthy.)

Next week will be worse, we have two court hearings and maybe a visitation if bios aren't in jail as well as dental and eye appointments.  How is your summer?  Do you seem to be busier or able to relax more?

Now pictures......(because I know that is why some folks visit)

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  1. We are thinking of dropping dance after seven years! Something has to go because Jasmine wants to do soccer and basketball (well, maybe. it changed daily....) and I want her to try out for track in the spring. Plus she has drum lessons one afternoon a week. I could cry because I bought brand new jazz shoes just for the recital because someone took hers!!!! So she had brand new jazz shoes and like new tap shoes. But she hasn't actually decided what her activities are for sure. She doesn't want to give anything up.