Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stress, Busy, Stress

Between being busy and stressed  I haven't had much time to do much of anything.  I am on my final slide for classes this semester and due t procrastination issues I have a lot to do in the next two weeks. 

Right now I am really struggling........

The social security lady had me in tears yesterday.  My mom is not receiving her social security.  It is still going to her old nursing home in TX.  We called social security when my mom got here and the person who helped us on the phone said that the address change and everything would be taken care of. 

Six weeks later I realized that I needed a letter from them stating how much she makes so I called.  The very rude lady wouldn't talk to either of us because she said we weren't the payee.  She said that the payee would have to send in a form.  So I call the nursing home.....for days trying to reach the financial lady.  Finally I get in touch with someone in administration and they say that there is no form for them to send in, that the person from social security is wrong. 

So I call social security back and they ask my mom a lot of questions to identify herself.  She was able to give them her SSN, mothers maiden name, birthdate and such.  However, when they asked for the address of the nursing home my mom had no idea so they refused to help us in any way. 

Why don't we just go in?  My mom has no photo ID, no social security card and no birth certificate.  I ordered her a new birth certificate but you need a photo ID to get a social security card.  With no photo ID do you think they will talk with us?  If I can't get her on Medicaid soon I will burn out.  I am the only one who changes Depends in the house so my time away from home is very restricted. 

She is not receiving any money so we are paying for all her medications, Depends, clothing and other hygiene items.  Affording someone to come in and watch her for $10 and up/hour is not in the budget.  John is in training which means he is making about a fourth of what he was making at his last job.  It is not worth it for me to get a job, the cost would be way too high. 

So, no money, no Medicaid either.  Then another concern is our foster care license.  My mom needs fingerprinting....and they require a photo ID.  If we don't get her fingerprinted by June they will revoke our license which means they will remove the 3 foster kids.  So, how do you get a photo ID with only a birth certificate?  I know that South Carolina won't issue her a state card without one.  OK, can you feel the stress....and frustration.  At finals time.  Are you totally confused yet?!

Say a caregivers prayer for me, I am burning out and fading fast.


  1. Can you get mom a non-drivers photo liscense ? We had to get my mom one.Got it at the DMV.Maybe call them and ask what you need..We are in NY state so not sure about where you are..

  2. around and around and around...

  3. Life sorting out my mother in law is and endless do-loop. Our biggest challenge is that she did not keep up with her personal records and just does not have required documents.

    The South Carolina DMV is not a fun place to get anything done.

  4. Hey, I work in a nursing home...why don't YOU just apply to be her representative payee? I think it should be as easy as submitting an application (with invasive information about yourself like your SSN), and a physician statement saying that your mother is unable to handle her personal affairs. If you need a copy of her award letter (for medicaid purposes later if not for something now), I believe you can request one of those online too... (Rep Payee) (Award letter)