Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yesterday I went shopping with 6 kids.  Yea, I was feeling a little brave and set up babysitting for my mom.  Our mission was dresses for the teens and dress shoes for the 4 younger kids.

JCPenney's was an adventure.  Sarah says there was an older couple that seemed to be stalking us and smiled every time they looked at us.  Yea, I am sure we were entertaining.  Like when Anthony yelled to me, mom Larissa is doing inappropriate things with the mannequin!  She determined that although the mannequins assets looked real, they were in fact not.

The poor lady at the shoe department must have thought that my kids had never gotten new shoes before.  The excitement and choices.......combined with my choice of not medicating my ADHD kids when they don't have school. They were like kids in a candy store. 

Sarah, Anthony, Lily and Dimples all picked out appropriate Easter Sunday shoes.  Larissa wasn't interested.  She found the Sketchers Ballerina shoes.  She has been wanting these for a while now and has been pestering me about them.  So she didn't get dress shoes which is fine because the girl has plenty of shoes.  She says that she likes NEW shoes, lots of new shoes.  Have I mentioned that she is spoiled? 

After driving the lady crazy in the shoe department I see why I either order shoes online or get them at Walmart.  On a good note when I told the lady what size shoes I needed she seemed skeptical of my abilities and checked all the kid sizes.......ha, I was right every time.  Yea, that is because I order shoes online or pick them up on my late night Walmart trips.......alone, with no kids.

After Penney's we headed to Moe's because we had worked up quite an appetite. Also, I figured that if I could get them all sitting down and eating then I could save my sanity.  We do enjoy Moe's but have the typical large family issues....seating.  Once we got past the 2.5 children mark we found that restaurants are not made to accomodate us.  Moe's was crowded and we needed two tables.  I sent out the teens to scrounge up tables while I ordered the food.  The sanity break was just long enough to give me courage to head to the next destination....the pet store.

Yep, I took all the kids into the pet store and came out with none (uh, pets not kids).  I believe that the guinea pigs may be a little traumatized by our visit but everyone survived.  I stood strong and said no to the cute little chinchilla that Sarah wanted and the crabs. 

After the pet store we went to Old Navy where I finally found a bench seat for the kids to sit on.  The bench seat was a sanity saver.  I was also able to sneak a few Easter items.  By time we finished Old Navy we were broke and exhausted so we headed home.  We did meet our objectives of dresses for the teens and shoes for the little ones so the shopping trip was a success.

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  1. Six shopping. Next time take valium--for you. We do sometimes all go somewhere together but my twins do know what appropriate behavior is and that testing it will mean a quick trip home.