Friday, April 20, 2012

Bad Timing

Emma decided to have a tantrum tonight while I was out in the yard pulling weeds.  Very bad timing on her part.  She got to come and sit outside with me. 

Screaming that she wants a new home fell on my deaf ears.  A teen opened the door to complain that they could hear her in the back of the house.  I told her to go and ignore it, I have it.  Emma continued to scream and I continued to weed.

Then she was screaming about a spider, bugs and a mosquito.  I continued to ignore and weed.  Then she stopped. That actually got my attention because it had only been about 15 minutes.  I guess screaming outside isn't much fun. 

I had her follow me around and then she went inside with me.  Maybe we need to go outside and weed every time she starts to scream.

I am sure that my neighbors heard her.  Well, you know my motto - Stare if You Must.

1 comment:

  1. LOL My "T" had her own step to go scream on. It wasn't much fun to scream to the wild world instead of having a audience.