Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Social Security Office

Today we took a trip to our local social security office.  My mom is not too fond on trying to get in the car but I told her we had to go.  The last social security office I went to was in San Antonio.  It is a totally different experience going to a social security office in a small town.  There aren't rooms of waiting people ahead of you.  Our county security office is one room with two workers.  We had three customers ahead of us.....a busy day.  I even ran into some DSS workers and had a discussion about my struggles with fingerprinting for my mom (it is a very small town).

The workers were much nicer in person then all the ones I talked to on the phone.  I was shocked when I showed the worker what documentations I had and she took my moms Blue Cross/Blue Shield card.  All the card has on it is her name and ID number.  No birthdate, no social security number and no photo.  Interesting.  Since my mom had a payee before she has to have one now.  My mom agreed to have me as her payee, which is convenient since I buy her what she needs.  She even has a new social security card coming in the mail! 

Some day she will start receiving her social security.  Right now her account is frozen and only one past check has been returned.  Once it is unfrozen she will start getting her monthly checks and whenever the back checks come in she will receive that money as well.  Most importantly, they are going to send me a proof of income so I can apply for Medicaid for her.

To celebrate our successful trip to the social security office we went to San Jose for lunch. Sarah and Dimples came along for the ride.....actually Sarah came for the lunch.  We had a nice meal, my mom hadn't eaten out like that for quite a while.  Naturally when we got ready to leave it was pouring rain outside.  We were in Tasha's car (there is no way my mom could climb up into my Sequoia) and she was nice enough to leave a military rain poncho in the trunk.  I covered my mom in that and threw her into the car.  Well, not quite threw but to her it might have felt that way, I was soaking wet and I didn't have a poncho.

It seems like I didn't get much else done today. 

I did run to Lowe's to get a part for the dishwasher, tomorrow I will finish that installation.  I also did play therapy with the girls today and went to my last Wednesday night class.  Now I just need to finish my 15 page paper that I need to do for that class.  Well, actually I need to start it.  Procrastination is getting the best of me.  Tomorrow is my last Thursday class and I need to finish a Wiki in there and write a paper.  I have until the 29th to finish everything but I am trying to get motivated to finish early so I can have a longer break.

I am just so relieved that our visit to the social security office ended so well.  Now on to the next challenge.......


  1. I am glad to hear you the trip went so well.

  2. I consider myself too old and fat to be crawling around on the floor, but I was able to get the valve connected, the water hooked up and the wiring done and managed to adust one side to balance the thing. This is one of many times when big hands and fat fingers are of little use, however; the team of mom and dad got it done.

  3. You see how handy it is that I hoard everything in my trunk? ;)

  4. Tasha.......we are prepared for anything when we travel in your car! Are you missing a helmet light?