Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Craziness

     My husband has wanted a well for years.  I want a pool.  We can't afford a pool so we went for the well.  By time they finish we may find out we couldn't afford the well too!  They have been in my backyard for days making a huge mess.  So far the well is 220 feet deep.  It has been sitting at 220 feet now for 2 days.  Apparently they hit rock at 220 feet so they put down the casing yesterday.  This morning they realized it had cracked so they had to pull it all out again and redrill the well.  This picture is before the real mess happened.  Maybe I don't need a pool after all.  My son Jason recommended piping hot water into the mud pit and charging folks to come and get a mud bath.

     I am chicken.  I have not allowed the kids to go into the backyard.  Part of the reason is the mud pit but the other part is the equipment.  They leave their equipment in the yard every night and I can't begin to imagine how expensive it is.  I can, however, imagine the damage that my kids could do to the equipment.

     Hopefully tomorrow they can resume drilling.  I hope that they hit water soon, we are charged by the foot.  I told them that if they hit gold or oil I would be OK with that but they don't anticipate that being an issue.

     On the school front I have one last paper to write.  A 15 page paper that I can't seem to get motivated to write.  Right now I have 2 pages done....the title page and abstract.  I was going to work on it late tonight (I am a late worker, no kids) but I am going to make a Walmart run instead. 

     The last few days my mom has been acting way off.  Talking about getting up and going to do stuff and such.  Let me get this straight, my mom requires total care.  I change her Depends, get her dressed, bathe her, take care of all her laundry and personal needs, pick her up and put her in her wheelchair and then pick her up and put her back into bed, dispense all her meds, feed her - basically the only thing she does for herself is feed herself.  Tonight she took off her Depend and wet her bed.  Almost midnight and I just did a mom and bed change.  Now I need to go to Walmart because I thought that I had another bad of Depends and don't.  I am down to only 2 Depends in the house, that is not a good thing.

     Honestly, I think that I have reached the end of my caregiving endurance.  I just can't do it alone much longer.  I can't expect my husband or my kids to change my mom.  I worry about this summer when I have classes and the teens are at Bible camp, when Sarah is gone on her mission trip, when I am gone on my mission trip.  Heck, even without all that I am just plain tired of this level of caretaking.  There is a state program that can help and we are on the waiting list.....the wait is at least 6 months long.  I can't wait that long.  I am tired.

     Say a prayer for me as I look at options.  Wish me luck on my midnight Walmart run, I may need to get some chocolate while I am there.

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  1. Total care must be both physically and emotionally draining.