Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My House is a Disaster Area

Yes, my house is so bad I can't take any pictures of it. My laundry pile is so high I could lose a kid in it. I have been a little distracted this week. I can't believe it is only Wednesday!
Monday I had a midterm. Tuesday day at the high school, night giving a powerpoint presentation at class. Today day back at the high school, afternoon meet with my academic advisor, night class and then back in town in time to pick kids up from Bible study. I then took the time to do Larissa's hair so she wouldn't look like a poor neglected child. She fell asleep in my lap and is now sleeping smack in the middle of my bed.
Tomorrow will be day at the high school, afternoon IEP meeting for Joselin and then dance for Larissa. Friday I get to take John to a small medical procedure and then I head to Greenville for drill this weekend.
I could surely use a wife! I don't know what happened to the one who lives here.

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  1. OK, one wife is enough for me. I will work on Laundry if you make sure that there is enough soap. I will put the little kids clothes in a laundry basket. The olders girls are on their own.